About the Role

Fasten your helmet and climb on board if you’re ready to be our Android Engineer. In this role, you will be an integral player in the Digital Inclusion Mobile team based in Jakarta, Indonesia - a team whose efforts are especially catered to aiding lower-income users in attaining additional income.

In collaboration with UX and back-end teams, you'll build a large-scale, high-performing, fault-tolerant Android app for Gojek, providing simple, easy-to-use services for our users. With knowledge of the general mobile landscape, current user preferences and trends, and emerging technologies within the mobile engineering field, you'll employ your technical expertise and clean coding skills to deliver tangible solutions and provide the best-in-class platform to serve our customers (GoTagihan), our driver partners, and merchant partners at Gojek. 

What You Will Do
  • Design and develop a highly maintainable and reliable Android app
  • Write clean and tested code in Java and Kotlin
  • Deliver tech-based solutions that bring positive impact to low-income communities through up-to-date software technologies
  • Build large-scale and high-performing services to develop simple, easy-to-use products for our unique end customers
  • Coordinate with other teams (UX and Backend team) on building and managing the Android app
  • Recognize process or programming inefficiencies, and recommend improvements
  • Implement tech excellence in Android development environment
  • What You Will Need
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Strong Knowledge of Java or Kotlin (Knowledge of Flutter or development using Flutter will be a plus)
  • Basic skills in unit testing, gitlab ci
  • Experience building an end-to-end system, preferably for a large user base
  • Experience working with software design and native app
  • Deep understanding of Android framework
  • Strong attention to detail, particularly around software engineering fundamentals, testing methodologies, and quality
  • Familiarity with several Design Patterns and with engineering culture (i.e. pair programming, TDD, CI/CD)
  • About the Team

    Our Digital Inclusion team, a subsidiary of the larger GoPay team, is a family of 50 engineers based in Jakarta. Working alongside the GoPay Marketing team, we are in charge of building the largest and most efficient billing platform in Southeast Asia and beyond. The gist of our role is to increase GoPay usage for payment and e-wallet services, including financial services for unbanked users. Should you have a question about the different initiatives we employ to make our platform and services more inclusive to a wider range of users, we are your people!

    Currently, our team is working on adding new features and improving the user experience for GoTagihan - our one-stop app that allows users to pay their recurring bills with a click of a button, ranging from electricity, water, to gas. We’ve also been fielding several (exciting) technical challenges to ensure our new GoTagihan features work simultaneously with our biller partners. Essentially, the big question that guides every single thing that we do is: Will this make people’s lives easier?

    We’re a high-functioning, tight-knit family who prioritize collaboration, knowledge sharing, and (most importantly) looking out for each other’s well-being. Online sharing sessions are a common practice now, where we talk about everything that interests us (work and non-work related!). While we can't have team lunches and outings as much as we used to, our virtual gaming sessions have been a blast.

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    Gojek is a Super App. It’s one app for ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, and a dozen other products. It is Indonesia’s first and only decacorn. It's also the only Southeast Asian startup to be part of Fortune's list of 'Companies That Changed The World.

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