About the Role

Fasten your helmet and climb on board if you’re ready to be our Commercial - Retail Industry Manager. In this role, you'll focus your efforts on growing our retail merchant-partners' business and development channels, and bringing Gojek's AdTech and PromoTech to the market. As the "top-of-mind" retail knowledge expert for our internal and external stakeholders, you'll help develop market growth plans, establish strong ties with our merchant-partners, and act as the link between them and our internal product teams. Your efforts will directly enhance the growth trajectory of our merchant-partners' businesses, consequently generating a new revenue stream for Gojek, and creating a sustainable, positive socioeconomic impact in our communities.

What You Will Do
  • Be the top-of-mind Retail Knowledge expert for internal & external stakeholders
  • Act as a consultant to our merchant-partners, providing business, marketing, and growth strategy recommendations with Gojek’s Ads and Promo Tools
  • Build strong & enduring relationships with key external stakeholders for the natively Offline Retail Segment
  • Develop marketing growth plans for respective merchant-partners with the Campaign Management Team, and manage the implementation of the plan accordingly with Sales team
  • Convince and convert respective external stakeholders to be an advocate to Gojek’s Ad & Promo Solutions
  • Assist Industry Lead to manage internal & external sales channel for Gojek’s Ads & Promo Tools
  • Assist Industry lead to strengthen internal sales channel capability in order to quickly scale the reach, give impact and revenue that we can generate through our Ad and Promo Tools
  • Act as the bridge between our merchant-partners and product teams, channeling insights from the former to the latter
  • What You Will Need
  • At least 5 years of experience working in Account Management, Sales, Marketing, or a similar field
  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Marketing, Management, or a related field
  • Excellent grasp of the English language (written & verbal)
  • Strong analytical thinking skills to resolving routine nature problems within scope and escalates issues of an exceptional nature
  • Strong business acumen with ability to provide solutions on when to properly use policies and procedures and consults with appropriate stakeholders to resolve issues or concerns
  • A personable and open personality in order to build and maintain strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
  • About the Team
    Our Commercial Retail Industry Expert team is a family of 12 Industry Leads and 8 Industry Managers/Specialists based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our main responsibility is to groom & generate a new revenue stream for Gojek through our AdTech and PromoTech. How does one achieve this, you may ask? By focusing our efforts on scaling our retail merchant-partners' businesses, and by developing new go-to-market channels for our AdTech and PromoTech solutions.
    For instance, if a smaller food related merchant-partner has an issue with breaking through a glass ceiling on GoFood, we come in to identify their exact pain points, then using our AdTech and PromoTech, devise opportunities and solutions to help them break through. Our role is much like a consultant, advising our merchant-partners on various growth strategies and breaking down any barriers that impede that growth.
    Our team has seen recent success in aiding a major QSR increase their sales in 2020 by 40% from the previous year. Simultaneously, we've also managed to push a double-digit growth in advertising revenue between 1H 2020 and 2H 2020 alone. We're driven by our shared desire to see our merchant-partners flourish in their respective domains, especially after witnessing the results of our combined efforts in their everyday lives.
    As a team, we’re concerned not only with the growth of the company, but each other’s personal growth and well-being too. To stay connected while adhering to social distancing rules, we love to have random catch up video calls to discuss the latest happenings in our lives, the books and shows we're enjoying, and our plans for when we can all meet up again.

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