About the Role 

Strap on your helmet and climb on board if you're ready to be our next Engineering Manager. In this role, you will be a key player in the DevOps team based in Bangalore, India. You will get to build, manage, and improve Gojek's infrastructure via API-driven communications at every level of cloud infrastructure, including implementing protective security measures and enhancing code quality. You will also get to steer your DevOps team in the right direction, completing all KRAs within the given timeframes, and ensuring quality output with every release. Your work will help ensure that the backbone of distributed systems at Gojek is highly scalable, reliable, and able to withstand any blows it may face.

What You Will Do
  • Create and manage highly-scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure & networking components that form the backbone of distributed systems at Gojek
  • Improve overall security posture of infrastructure by implementing protective measures, efficiently in tandem with better ROI
  • Drive the DevOps team towards improvement of code quality, scalability, product execution, and customer delight
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively across distributed teams in a global environment, ensuring the team's efforts are focused on completing projects within their given time frames
  • Maintain daily scrum board meetings and logs, and help position team members to produce quality work
  • Be responsible for the personal and professional development of team members
  • What You Will Need
  • At least 5 years of experience in leading a geographically dispersed DevOps/ SRE team
  • Hands-on experience with Networking, Load Balancing, Rate Limiting, Traffic Shaping and Managing connectivity between networks
  • Deep knowledge of Linux as a production environment, as well as container technologies (e.g. Docker), and Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Terraform) at large scale
  • Strong knowledge of best practices & scripting in programming languages such as python, ruby or golang, as well as the ability to improve upon current orchestrators and schedulers (Kubernetes or Mesos)
  • Experience with any cloud provider, like AWS, GCP or Azure, is a must
  • Good understanding of distributed system fundamentals, microservices architecture, RESTful services and CI/CD, and the ability to troubleshoot issues in a larger distributed infrastructure
  • An understanding of interactive application development paradigm, memory management, performance/resource optimizations, database interactions, network programming, concurrency and multithreading, fault tolerance, monitoring, security and operability of systems
  • About the Team 

    The DevOps team is the heart of Gojek - the group that owns, improves, and manages Gojek's engineering productivity, reliability, and observability across the board. We are responsible for the pillars of technology, science, and strategy across engineering, powering over 500+ microservices at Gojek. This team is focused with the task of heavy lifting and supporting the engineering platform in terms of scalability, efficiency, and automation. 

    As a team, we’re concerned not only with the growth of the company, but each other’s personal and professional growths, too. Along with a common drive to solve complex engineering problems, our team bonds over our shared love of tea, gripping movies, and the latest and best reads. Working from home has been a strange time for a lot of us, so our team has been taking time on our calls to trade advice on the best ways to keep sane with this new work set up. We look out for one another, and work together to get the job done.

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