About the Role

Strap on your helmet and climb on board if you’re ready to be our next Engineering Manager. In this role, you will be an integral leader in our Reliability team - the group that owns, improves, and manages Gojek's liquidity and experience across the Mobility Marketplace. In this role, you'll take the reins in the design development, quality, and delivery of critical initiatives for the team, ensuring world-class user experience along the way. You'll stipulate the team's business strategy and OKRs, steer the team's technical output to improve specific business KPIs, and act as a mentor to your team in advising their career paths and development. Your efforts will span budgeting, legal, compliance and security aspects of the team's delivery, and further streamline the wider marketplace matchmaking process that pairs of millions of customers with the right drivers at the optimum price and time.

What You Will Do
  • Drive business strategy along with cross-functional counterparts, and convert that into team's OKRs
  • Work closely with your counterparts to ensure that the team’s deliverables fit well into broader organization objectives
  • Represent and be accountable for the technical output of the team and improve specific business KPIs
  • Ensure that knowledge is shared amongst the team, and doesn't position themselves or others as a single point of failure
  • Crosses team and service boundaries to work across budgeting, legal, compliance, and security aspects of the team’s delivery
  • Monitor and adjust teams pace to instill urgency for success whilst protecting them from burnout
  • Be independently responsible for coaching, development, and career management for the team
  • Independently plan and execute changes to team staffing in service of company goals: identifying gaps, defining roles, and creating people-planning for the team
  • What You Will Need
  • At least 10 years of relevant industry experience (engineering managers typically acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to meet the expectations of this role within this timeframe)
  • A track record of leading multidisciplinary teams (Developers / Testers / Product Managers)
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully lead people, people managers, teams or projects multiple times in different contexts
  • Well-versed with Agile methodologies, best practices of writing tests and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Strong expertise and hands-on experience in at least one engineering focus (front-end, back-end, mobile, data or systems)
  • Experience developing end-to-end products that leverage machine learning at scale
  • A track record in building a team of talented engineers
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills focused on improving collaboration, understanding & information exchange across all stakeholders
  • About the Team

    We're the Reliability team who focus on Platform under the Mobility Marketplace group. We're a small family of 12 engineers who are split into 3 sub-teams specializing in back-end, front-end & ML. Our team’s objectives include platformization, reliability concerns of systems within the marketplace, and moving towards a composable architecture where new features can be shipped for experimentation by businesses in a matter of days.

    The team is actively working on key projects, like one that'll give us the ability to propagate domain schema definitions to the dependent micro-services automatically without depending on engineering bandwidth, and another about coming up with a unified gateway for marketplace services to have control over client access patterns. We act as a central binding agent for the Pricing, Supply and Matchmaking teams. It’s our job to ensure the overall architecture and infrastructure is flexible, scalable, and able to withstand hard punches.

    As a team, we are concerned with not only the growth of the company, but each other’s personal growth and well being too. Along with our desire to utilize smart technology and innovative engineering strategies to make people’s lives easier (tech nerds, unite!), our team also bonds over our shared love for tea, movies & TV shows. With WFH becoming more normalized, you best believe we have been sharing our favorite ways to prioritize a healthy work-life balance at home (Netflix marathons, anyone?).

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