The Story of our first team
Our emphasis on automation
100+ million orders completed
Our emphasis on automation

Work that speaks for itself

Gojek Growth

total order volume growth in 3 years

Work that speaks for itself

GoJek Growth

3 Million+
orders everyday

GoJek Rider

total order volume growth in 3 years

GoJek Order

2 million+ drivers
More daily rides than India's largest ride-sharing service

18+ Products,
200+ engineers

Gojek developer

Help us build startups within a startup


Working with Gojek means working with the best and brightest to solve some of the hardest problems in technology. Not only is this extremely rewarding, it’s also immensely challenging.

Here are our guiding principles that serve as a great reference point to understand how we think of Engineering:

Gojek Tech Principles - Eveyone codes


At Gojek, writing software is at the very core of what we do. Because, leaders who code are better judges of technical skill in people.

Gojek Tech Principles - Walk the talk

Walk the Talk

At Gojek, we expect people to get down in the trenches and take a hands-on approach to problem solving. Don’t tell, show.

Gojek Tech Principles - Leaders are grown not made

Leaders are grown.
Not made.

At Gojek, you earn your leadership by proving your mettle, not by formal appointments.

Gojek Tech Principles - Pair programming and TDD

Pair Programming &
TDD Work

Pair Programming & TDD are meant to be together! They help us build features faster, and mature teams organically.

Tech Facts

30 orders on an average every second

We process an average of 35 orders every second.

200 million internel API calls per second

We process more than 350 million internal API calls per second.

Ruby, Java and Go clusters

We run one of the largest JRuby, Java and Go clusters in Asia.

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Our Social Impact Stories

Since inception, Gojek has aimed to improve the economic growth of Indonesia. Using technology as a means of social impact, Gojek has created jobs, improved livelihoods of multiple people and helped nudge micro-entrepreneurs. Today, Gojek is a verb in Indonesia. About 200+ engineers make software decisions that trickle down to affect the lives of 260+ million people in Indonesia. Watch their stories

Impact story - Heru

Heru Widyanto - GoMassage

Mr. Heru does not make his disability an excuse when it comes to helping other people. Our disabilities or weakness should not stop us from accomplishing our goals or stop our efforts in helping people in need.

Impact story - Arif

Arif Fahroji - Gojek Driver

A swimming coach, host and traditional artist is how Mr. Arif expresses his creativity. Let Mr. Arif inspire us to consistently want to do the best for Indonesia.

Impact story - Sumani

Sumani - GoBox Driver

Despite the disability Mr. Sumani has, he is still consistent in helping other people. Let us learn from Mr. Sumani that no matter what our weakness may be, we should always be willing to contribute to our surroundings..

We have no dearth of Hard Technical Problems™, work with us