Privacy Policy

What you'll see:

  • This would be your one-stop for all things Gojek
  • We'll send you links to our tech blogs, social media posts, community events/webinar registration, stories of us in the news, etc.
  • We strictly use this communication to send only Gojek related updates.

What you'll not see:

  • We shall not share your phone number with any external parties or use your personal information for our marketing purposes
  • We will not send any survey or request any card numbers, financial account numbers, National Identification numbers, or other sensitive identifiers
  • We will not send product suggestions, app-review requests, cross-selling, up-selling, discounts, and promotional content
  • Your contact details will not be used to reach out to you about open positions.
  • We do not respond to the messages. This number is only for one way communication.

How to opt-out:

  • Just message “Stop” in the same chat you're receiving updates and you’ll no longer receive our updates
  • If you cancel the WhatsApp updates service, we shall delete your number from our records.