Go-jek is indonesia’s
first & only unicorn

IN 2010

GO - JEK started with a mission to improve the livelihoods of local ojeks (motorcycle taxis)

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In the beginning

Every customer was ‘matched’ manually with a driver via a call center.

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IN 2015

A version of the app was launched to automate the matchmaking

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By mid-2015

Orders scaled from 3,000 to 100,000 a day. GO-JEK was becoming indispensable. By end of 2015 - systems were crashing because of a major spike in volumes

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End of 2015

Niranjan Paranjape rewrote a key piece of technology in golang in under 3 days.

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By early 2016,

By early 2016, it was smooth sailing but orders climbed to 300,000+ a day..

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Happy Driver Partners

Driver incomes increased by 150% making GO-JEK a reliable partner

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In mid-2016

In mid-2016, downtimes were a routine affair. Leaky faucets needed to be fixed.

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The big rewrite began in 2016

“No project has a budget and impact as big as this in GO-JEK’s history” - From Nadiem’s internal mail..

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Employment opportunities.

GO-JEK employs more than 30,000 people with disabilities.

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As of 2018

GO-JEK does 100+ million orders across 18+ products Total order volume growth - 6600x